Ten Day Close: How The Magic Happens

Ok, ok… I admit it.

If someone says they can do something, I usually take their word for it and just go with it.

Regardless if what they are claiming they can do seems even remotely possible to me in the world I live in.

If someone tells me that they can run a 4 minute mile?

I believe ‘em.

Even if I know there is a 50/50 chance that I could run a mile in 12 minutes myself.

And so I remember when I first heard about the becoming-more-popular-and-debated Ten Day Close at Academy Mortgage.

My exact words on the Best Damn Real Estate Blog On The Planet were:

So if you are planning on buying a home in Arizona and find yourself in this situation – who do you call?

Not me.

Call these guys.

They promise with their checkbook that they can get your loan closed in 10 days or less.

Which in my opinion is absolutely-eye-popping-remarkable for today’s lending environment. They have managed to put all of the pieces together under that are required to do this and if it were up to me, I would put them on the Today Show for being able to pull it off on a consistent basis.

But they haven’t asked me to write on their blog.


And this was before I had even met any of them.

As the story turned out, it wasn’t all that long after my writing that post that I actually got the invite to go to Academy Mortgage and be the somewhat-official Mortgage Commentator there.

And it has been fun.

And now I can safely declare how the Ten Day Close happens on a regular basis there. It really isn’t rocket surgery, it is just the hard work and commitment to outstanding customer service… along with these facts:

  • They have in-house processing.
  • They have in-house underwriting.
  • They have in-house doc drawing.
  • They have in-house closing.
  • They have in-house funding.
  • And they have an in-house operations manager who makes sure that everything happens as it should.

And it is kind of fun to watch the high-volume of loans that go through the office to be honest with you.

I have never in my life seen a more amazing thing during all my time in the mortgage business.

And I no longer have to tell people that the best thing about my life is that “we suck less“.

So if you find yourself in that position where I was – where you can’t get your loans done and you can’t even imagine how it could be possible… don’t call me.

Call this guy:

Steve Lines

Direct: 480-344-3662
Cell:     480-329-3346

He is the one who gets to decide if your game is good enough to come along for the ride.


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