Getting a Mortgage After a Short Sale

If you have ever been through a short sale, you may now be wondering “how long after a short sale can I get a new mortgage?”

In the case of Sharon Johnson-Smith, Academy Mortgage and Steve Alonso were able to get them into a new home with financing only one year after a short sale.

Have you had a short sale in the past and now want to get a mortgage? Contact Steve today to find out how.

Get a Mortgage One Year After a Short Sale

From: Sharon Johnson-Smith
To: Steve Alonso
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 11:12 AM
Subject: Endorsement

Hi Steve,

Here is our endorsement – and we mean it sincerely. -Sharon and Pinkie.

And they said it couldnt be done My husband and I began to have our doubts, but Steve Alonso pulled it through.

We are elated about being able to get financing on a home after only ONE year since our short sale closing.

I was particularly doubtful after talking with several other realtors who were sure that it takes 2-3 years after a short sale before any lending institution will finance a mortgage.

I had serious second thoughts about going through with purchasing our new home, after talking with a couple of mortgage brokers who saw it highly improbably we would get financing this year.

However, Steve with his This will be done, attitude, actually did it. Thank you Steve for performing what was considered an impossible feat!

Sharon Johnson-Smith, REALTOR
West USA Realty


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