Arizona Loan Modification: Who Do I Call?

“Who do I call to help me with a loan modification if you don’t do them?”

I get asked this question no less than 5 times each day.

Usually, it is followed by a brief explanation of how I would be happy to pass on a few people that I have heard do a good job of helping borrowers stay in their homes by working with their lender… but we in no way endorse nor receive anything from these companies for referring people to them.

At this point, I usually gather the persons email and then type out an email with a few of the contacts that I can gather up of people that they can contact for help.

So I thought I would start a list of people who currently work in the loan modification business and at some point have somehow come across my path.

Just so you don’t miss it, I will put it in big red letters…

For a list of loan modification companies who could possibly help you depending on your situation:

—-> Arizona Loan Modification Contacts<—-

You can also get your loan modified without the help of an Attorney if you know what you are doing…

Learn How To Get Your Loan Modified On Your Own Without The Help Of An Attorney


  1. Thanks for the link and the information. I’ll be linking to it very often and sending people there as well.

  2. @Shailesh

    Spread the word and if you run into a loan modification “expert” feel free to pass along their information and I will post it.


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