Academy Mortgage Mesa Office Sets Record In June 2011

The Academy Mortgage Mesa office was busier than ever before in June. As the real estate market here in the Valley continues to… well, let’s just say “be interesting”, the loan officers at Academy are busy helping people get approved for loans.

Here are a few highs and lows from the team of what it was like to take part of this record month – and congratulations to all!

Highlights from the video:

“It was the most purchases that we have had in about 7 years out of this office.”

We have never seen rates this low or prices this low – it is a great opportunity.

“The best thing that happend this month was that Corbin had a baby. The worst thing that happened this month was we had a loan that didn’t go that should have went.”

“I hate you! Ok, I worked on sixty files this month.”

“I worked on 50 files this month and yes it was easy.  Yes, that is my cell phone music on.

“We got about 2,500 calls in our call center this month.  We referred out 416 calls out to our Realtor partners this month off of all lead sources.”

“Our grand opening in Scottsdale office was awesome – we had fun!”