7 Reasons I Hate Sales Reps From Title Companies

Today, I was reminded of something that I have made light of for years as I listened a title rep from a local title company completely bamboozle a loan officer in an office next to me.

It was surreal – and because I have seen this go on for years and years – I finally decided to write a post just tossing it out into the arena of public opinion.

Ok, so maybe “hate” is a strong word.

The truth is that I actually like many of the sales reps from title companies, but I really don’t see a need for what they do.

In fact, many times – it has been my experience that their job essentially is to lie to me – and so while I may like some of them personally, I generally just lump them all into the same-simpleton-group-of-hate.

7 Reasons I Hate Sales Reps From Title Companies

  1. When it comes to getting the work done, they don’t actually do anything. A few of them know how to do the actual work that it takes to get a file done and can pinch-hit when needed, but the vast majority of them don’t.

  2. They will tell you that they have the best escrow officers around. And the truth is that they might — but even if they have completely horrible escrow officers, they will tell you that they are wonderful up front.
  3. When you send them your first deal and the escrow officer does something completely crazy to foul it up somehow, they are in your office saying that they are going to immediately switch you to another escrow officer who is “much better”. Remember – the escrow officer who just hosed up your deal was sold to you as “wonderful” just three weeks ago.
  4. They are all skinnier than me.
  5. They name drop. I have rarely talked to a title rep who doesn’t ask me if I know <insert the big producer Real Estate agent of the month> or casually mention that they can bring me business by introducing me to the <insert another big producer Real Estate agent of the month> who hates their current loan officer.
  6. They spend zero time educating me about the title and escrow process. The truth is, I bet many of them don’t know very much anyway – so fine by me if they skip it.
  7. They don’t have any good marketing ideas – but they don’t know that. They are always pitching me a bad new idea to get clients.

Are you a title rep who is fuming mad at me right now?

Don’t be… Remember – I actually like you as a person, but too often your job forces you to be a complete fraud.

And if you are an escrow officer – remember this – I love you.

If you are great.

Because when it comes to getting a transaction done, the right escrow officer can make all of the difference in the world.

Unlike the sales reps — they don’t really matter.


  1. Too funny dude…..

  2. This is so true. and hilarious. I’m telling you, when I was first starting out as an agent, these title sales reps were such a mystery to me. Like who are they, what is their actual job, why are they stalking me and how do they actually get paid? That one is still a mystery to me. I know they are commission based and this is tied to transactions with their registered agents or whatever. But the point is: yes. they suck.

  3. :) Want to see what it looks like in real-life?

    –> Here you go: http://bit.ly/titlereps

  4. I laugh every time I read this post Justin, (This is my 3rd time today!) What you are describing is the typical marketing rep. We are fortunate that many of them have left the business, those are the one’s that really just showed up with donuts and rate schedules. I am very fortunate that you and I met after you wrote this post, which means you couldn’t possibly be talking about me. (sigh of relief.). I would love the opportunity to show any agent on your blog what a marketing rep (that has value) looks like. @MyTitleGuy OUT.

  5. I finally found the elusive post. This is hilarious! You know how many people say they are soooooooooooooo happy with their title and escrow reps? It is a joke. However, I will say MyTitleGuy (The original MyTitleGuy) not the Mytitleguy AZ, Mytitleguy Blue (Blue, you’re my boy!!), Mytitleguy Schnitzel.. (Do I need to go on?) is awesome!

  6. Great post. I’m a little shocked you only had 7 reasons…… Thanks my title guy.

  7. Michelle-Proud to be a title rep! says:

    All of you are so disrespectful. How about the loan agents and real estate agents out there who 90% of you do not even have a college degree. I happen to have a college degree, get paid well and work my tail off to provide successful marketing ideas and resources to my clients. So, I will leave you with this…..Look in the mirror and ask yourself what makes YOU so special that you can put down another person’s career. You are either using the wrong title company or your just so full of yourself that you think title reps are beneath you. I hope your next client thinks the same way about you.

  8. @Michelle,

    I have learned to love this post — It gets people all worked up and crazy!

    If you are in Arizona, feel free to stop by and oogle my MBA (just so you can verify that it is real) and I will take you to lunch.

    And by the end of lunch, I give it at least a 51% chance that you will *agree with me*.

    And if not, I will buy so you can claim that you got the best of America’s Mortgage Commentator and that he isn’t all that smart. Or nice.


  9. @Michelle – If you are so great at marketing, why don’t you open up a marketing firm for agents or consult them for pay, instead of giving away the ideas for free.

    As a coach/consultant that makes money helping agents create strategy to development business, I have found that I usually need to clean up the mess of the free marketing advice. Free actually turns out to be quite expensive.

    And I’m not just talking about title reps. I’m talking about mortgage people thinking they know how an agent should market also. And I’m talking about other agents. Agents telling agents how to market.

    What I’ve discovered, is people are quick to give advice because they aren’t using it for themselves.

    Oh and to both Michelle and Justin, congrats on degrees. I didn’t know you could major in Title/Escrow and Mortgage.

  10. Kristin says:

    I am a title rep and this even makes me LOL!
    It all really depends on the person and who you know on if a rep is successful.
    I have met plenty of annoying/irritating ones myself.

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  16. bernadette - awsome escrow officer says:

    I personally love the honesty of this post. To the title reps getting very upset, you need not be. This is merely an honest opinion. Rather than lashing out on the writer, learn from the comments. This will only help you in your future business. Honesty is hard to come by these days in our industry, and if we can all learn to just be honest with one another, we can do amazing things for our business.
    @Michelle….I happen to have two college degrees and am working on my Masters. I have taken every course of Real Estate available at college and several alternative training classes. This does not make me any better than anyone else. Screaming in your comment in a difensive matter is not going to get you client referals…and remember, the ones on this site will talk, and reputation is everything.

  17. I love the challenge! Bring it on! In general, loan officers love us here at Driggs Title because we are oriented toward making your life easier with real technology, online connectivity between our system and Calyx, and real time updating to the CPL, Title Commitment and other docs. We intend to earn your business by proving how we work first…later on we can talk markeiting and referrals! We get what you are saying….and our jobs as title reps with Driggs is to help make you look good in any way we can — you tell us what you need, not the other way around.

  18. I found this funny. I’m a Title guy. Are there people who are worthless? Sure…there are. Loan officers really don’t need a title rep unless the rep can actually bring value to the equation.

    That being said, the same can be said for mortgage brokers can’t they? What do many do? Many just tout “the best rates in the city” and then advertise the lowest they have as an example…knowing full well that every other broker in town probably has the same rates.

    Now days, I can go online to Quicken Loans and get a loan, great rate, easy process… and not have to use a person at all..right?

    I always caution people from using absolutes. Saying you are 100% correct normally will get you in trouble at some point. At some point, someone will use that same logic on you and then you will be forced to “just deal with it”. :)

  19. Justin…having known you for a long time this is funny. Things change and many of the bamboozles are gone and the business builder reps remain. I found this blog a few spots below mine (DCTitleguy) and Stepphen’s(Mytitleguy). Guess some of are doing something right. The issue isn’t the rep it’s the LO that fell for her BS. Lol.

  20. I’ve been a Realtor, a Lender and a Title Sales Rep. over the past 23 years. I Love my job, because I care about my Realtors and Lenders. I’ve been there…
    Take everything that you have said about Title Reps and substitute “Title Rep” for yourself. When you’re on a listing appointment, or attempting to help a buyer, they absolutely think the same about you. When you point your finger at someone else, three are pointing back at you. I once had a Realtor, whom I chose not to do business with, ask me as I visited him at his open house, “So, are you out schlepping Realtors?” And yes, he was actually the one “schlepping the public”.
    So you think you’re good, “You’re the best Realtor for the Job”, etc., etc., etc.. There are good Title Reps and not so good Title Reps. I’m just saying…


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